About Us

SlotAdvise was founded on the idea that the average punter in the UK should know what is going on when they go to a specific casino. We believe people should have the information about what slots there are to play, how bonus offers work and whether or not they will enjoy an online casino if they sign up for it.

We have experts on staff who evaluate each casino from top to bottom. They find out where the casinos are failing and where they are doing well. That allows them to paint a complete picture of what you can expect when you try out a given online casino. They look for the good, the bad and the ugly.

SlotAdvise is a neutral third-party site that is not connected to online casinos or land-based casinos in any way. This allows us to make honest observations about the various sites we review.

We take several things into account when we look at online casino sites in the UK. Here is what they are:

Return To Player Average

This is the objective amount of money that gets sent back to the players and the amount of money the online casino keeps. The return to player average is broken down by each individual game at the casino and by the casino itself. For most games the return to player average should be at least 96%. That would mean that for every £100 wagered £96 goes back to the players and £4 are kept by the casino. For the games the return to player average is generally provided by the game developer. For the online casino as a whole it is generally provided by independent observers who randomly check the site out.

Theoretical Return To Player Average

This is what some game providers use to avoid giving out their real return to player average. It is based on what the provider expects the return to player average to be. However, there can be problems with the theoretical return to player average. It can be true 99 out of 100 times but thrown off that last time. In general, we think it’s better to look at the real return to player average offered by the provider. If they are only offering theoretical return to player averages, we are somewhat suspect.


Everyone has their own slot machine strategy, but they are rarely talked about online. We want to break that taboo and start talking about them honestly. Our casino experts reveal what strategies they use and why they feel like they will help people win more money over time, either using cash or bonus money. They are simple and easy to use, and we feel will be particularly helpful to younger and newer players. Obviously, our strategies are simply opinions, but they have been shown to help people do better when they are used effectively. We also talk about the best strategies to play out your free spins and no deposit bonuses so that you increase your chances of winning.


Bonuses are the heart of any online casino. They are used to bring people in. And at online casinos that understand their market they are used to keep people playing. They come in many forms and each type needs to be understood before you go to an online casino. You have free spins and some casinos put requirements on the money you win. You have no deposit bonuses and matching cash bonuses – each with their own terms and conditions. Knowing how they work is crucial when it’s time to join an online casino. You also have VIP programs which can enhance your experience at an online casino. But you need to know how they work. Then there are seasonal promotions with their own terms and conditions that are hard to figure out. We look at all of the types of bonus offers that are around and then let you know exactly how they work and what the advantages and disadvantages of each one are. Using this, players can get the maximum from their free spins or no deposit bonus without risking their own cash.

Information About Our Experts

We have only the best experts reviewing casinos at SlotAdvise. Let’s meet some of them.

Harry Brown

Harry is a mathematics analyst who specializes in games of chance. He’s studied exactly how gambling systems work and has done the math to figure out the probabilities of a given event happening at every point across the board. He then uses his findings to figure out what exactly is the best bet to make at each turn. Harry understands the long game when it comes to playing slots, roulette and blackjack. He knows which bets are likely to make a win and which ones are probably going to lose. This gives him a level of expertise that the average player simply doesn’t have. We are glad to have him on board explaining to us what each and every bet means and how to find a solid wager.

Steven Jones

Steven worked in the online casino business for over a decade. He’s been at the smaller casinos and also at some of the biggest ones. He understands exactly how casinos and their bonuses work and what they do to up their profits. He’s seen all sorts of terms and conditions used to manipulate the player into making bad bets. He’s also been at casinos that were able to understand the players needs and bent over backwards to help them. Steven also has experience in casino customer service and can spot casinos that are barely trying and ones that are doing everything they can to make sure the player is treated fairly.

Jacob Clarke

Jacob is not connected to the online casino industry; he is a long-time player of both online and offline casinos. He’s seen casinos at their worst. He’s also experienced casinos that are a delight to play at. Jacob has seen all sorts of scams casinos have run against players and knows how to look out for them. But he also appreciates it when a casino makes an effort to help out the player. jacob represents the eyes of the average consumer when he looks at an online casino and their bonus offers.